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Some roses have steel thorns

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A beach in Maldives awash in bioluminescent Phytoplankton looks like an ocean of stars.

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Something that I and other people deal with. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and try harder to not let my problems make relationships unbearable to be with.

I don’t think anyone understands how incredibly fucking relevant this is.

If you feel this way around me, I will always forgive you.FROEVER!


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Ghost In The Shell (1995) directed by Mamoru Oshii

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Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | by Nick Franchi

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Straight Guys

  • Straight Guy: (grabs other straight guy's ass)
  • Straight Guy: (licks other straight guy)
  • Straight Guy: (sticks his dick in sleeping straight guy's face and takes pictures)
  • Straight Guy: (sits around with 2 other straight guys completely nude playing video games)
  • Gay Guy: "Hey man, your looking good, how have you been"
  • Straight Guy: "You're being really inappropriate and it's making me uncomfortable"


A swan, as you have never seen photographed before by Gerald Robinson

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